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            About Zhejiang Shuren University
            作者: 時間:2017-04-10 點擊數:

            Zhejiang Shuren University (Zhejiang Shuren College), founded in 1984, one of the first full-time established private universities since the reform and opening-up. It is run by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and governed by Department of Education of Zhejiang Province.

            Since its establishment, ZJSRU has upheld socialist direction for running school and has carried forward the Motto “Virtue and Wisdom in Unremitting Cultivation”. It persists in a model of teaching and services focused university. With the development of over thirty years, ZJSRU has made a unique way to the development of private higher institute. In 2003, with the ratification of the Ministry of Education, the school upgraded to an undergraduate college. In September, 2004, Xi Jinping, was then the Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, paid an inspection visit to the university. He highly affirmed the achievements the university made and gave important instructions. In 2015, ZJSRU was selected as one of the pilot models of application- oriented higher institutions in Zhejiang Province.

            At present, ZJSRU has two campuses with its Gongchenqiao Campus in Hangzhou and Yangxunqiao Campus in Shaoxing, occupying a total area of 81 hectares. The total value of school teaching equipment is 189 million RMB. The library has 1.68 million volumes of books and the total number of ebooks is over 880,000. ZJSRU has ranked top 1 in the ranking list of China’s private university comprehensive strength by China Academy of Management ( Wu Shulian) for the year 2016 and 2017.

            ZJSRU has 12 Schools accommodating 16,000 full-time students, and offers 42 undergraduate programs and five junior college programs, among which there is one National Featured Specialty, four Provincial Key Specialties, one Provincial Excellent Specialty, one Provincial Excellent Specialty construction Project, and four Provincial Rising Featured Construction Specialties and three Provincial Featured Construction Specialties. So far, ZJSRU has five Provincial First Class Disciplines, and two principal placements, namely, the Ministry of Education Belarusian Nation and Region Research Center, and Provincial Modern Service Research Center. There are two provincial industry platforms, one provincial innovation team, and 25 university research centers and platforms. The recent three years saw ZSUobtainmore thanone hundred projects on national or provincial level, among which there are two national social and scientific funded programs, over four hundred programs funded by various organizations with the total amount of money approximately 100 million RMB.

            ZJSRU sticks to a talent-focused strategy for underpinning the university’s development. Currently, there are 880 faculty members, among whom, there are 673 full time teachers, of whom are 125 doctorate holders, and 80.7% are MA degree holders or the above. There 84 professors, and more than 38.6% are associate professors or the above. In addition, there are 59 high-end talented people entitled National Excellent Teacher, Adultescent Disciplinary Leaders and Provincial Famous Teacher. Experts. ZJSRU is launching the two initiatives, “One Thousand Industry Experts” and “One Hundred Industry Trained and Experienced Teachers”, to reinforce both teaching and industrial professional development of the faculty and commit to guaranteeing the powerful conditioning and system for the students growth and development.

            ZJSRU makes efforts to the improvement of the educational quality. By the close collaboration with the enterprises and businesses, ZJSRU is devoted to improve students’ learning ability, application ability and their development ability. Now it has nine industry schools such as Shanyuhai Business School, School of Shaoxing Yellow Wine, Shulan Nursing School,etc. ZJSRU has now opened over fifty school-industry order classes or virtual classes like Hongshiliang Class, Shengquan Class, Juguang Class. Moreover, 195 Intern and Practice Placements have been founded, among which there are one national and two provincial college students off-campus practice education base.

            ZJSRU is committed to the organic integration of education of profession and innovation and entrepreneurship.The teaching quality has steadily improved, and has won higher social reputation. The recent three years saw students win won more than 500 awards and prizes in the national or provincial science and technology competitions. The first employment rate of undergraduates is 97%.A special class for the preparation for graduate entrance examination is opened and more than 200 undergraduates have been admitted by those renowned universities like Zhejiang University. Since the foundation of the university, more than 80000 application-oriented talented students have been educated for the nation and the society.

            ZJSRU sticks to the leadership of the construction of the Party, deepening the Morality in Educating Talent for the Nation continuously and promoting, Excellent Classroom and Tidy and Settled Dormitory. In the form of Culture and Art Carnival, Scientific and Technological Startup Festival, ZJSRU is cultivating a campus culture of Four Seasons Growing for the purpose of the creation of the pleasant environment for learning. ZJSRU focuses on its openness in running school and build up the friendly relationship and cooperation with over 60 colleges and universities from the globe such as Japan, Korea, Belarus, Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and China’s Hong Kong and Taiwan. Every year, many students are selected and sent abroad to study and practice, in this way ZJSRU helps broaden students’ international horizon and contributes to the cultural exchange.

            Today, ZJSRU is striding towards a goal of being a spearhead in the development of national private higher institutes and a forerunner of the reform, aiming at providing lively Zhejiang practice and experience for China’s private higher education development. ZJSRU will carry out the spirit of the 19th CPC congress,led by the 13th Five-Year-Plan, never forget why we start with the belief of Educating Talent for the Nation, and remember the mission of Morality in Cultivating People. ZJSRU will make relentless efforts to enhancing its quality improvement, promoting its ability to running school and serving the national economic and social advancement and students’ personal growth and development.

            Office of International Affairs

            Contact Person:Ms.Wang Yun


            College of International Education

            Contact Person:Ms.Hu Jianwei






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